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the Mama isn’t much of a shopper.

In fact, she hates going shopping. She and the Mall have a love/hate relationship. Having never been to a mall, I can’t say for sure if the Mama is right or not. I imagine they’re somewhat like dog parks for humans. They go there to run around, sniff a few folks and maybe pick up a new treat or two. Much like dog parks, it’s probably pretty hit or miss as to whether it’s a fun time or a crummy time, depending on who else is there, what the weather is like and whether that cute puggle from around the corner is there, eh?

(the Mama’s Note: Koly clearly has no idea what goes on at a mall. I rarely go up and sniff people. Unless it’s in the perfume shop…or the food court… or the bath store… Nevermind. Apparently, I sniff people ALL the time. That’s weird.)

the Mama much prefers to do her shopping online.

Now that the interwebs have become kind of like one big shopping center, the Mama loves to buy anything she can online. There are tons of places to shop and these days you can find everything from toys and treats to pet food to pet medications online, all from the comfort of your own dog house.



Here are the Top 10 Reason we like to buy pet supplies online:

10. There are no line ups on the internet – That means your freakishly strong, unruly puggle isn’t going to dislocate your shoulder when he tries to play with the pup in the next aisle and your Felix isn’t going to “mark you” as his own (you know what I mean) when that cute poodle in front of you asks for a pat. Win/win.

9. No other people – That jerk who never taught his dog to behave and yanks on the leash like he’s starting a lawn mower and acts like a giant dork? You don’t see him when you shop online, greatly reducing your chances of getting into a heated “debate” over why that shock collar is a bad purchase or why those Chinese jerky treats are dangerous.

8. The internet never closes – Just like your humans, my Mama is one busy lady. She spends all day with the Job fellow, takes care of the Daddy, walks me & the Felix, manages my blog and STILL finds time to bake homemade dog treats and make fun doggy DIY projects. Is it any wonder that sometimes she just can’t make it to the store during business hours? The internet never sleeps, so you can shop when you have time.

7. No (or less) impulse shopping – I don’t know about you, but that Mama of mine just can not resist an impulse buy! That cute tag by the counter? She’ll take it. The treats in the canister by the till? Add those on. The toy we’ll never play with, but it’s on sale for $0.98 (Just 98 cents!!), she’ll take two. When she shops online, this doesn’t happen. Maybe it’s that there’s no last minute shopping suggestions or that it’s much easier to say no when you can actually see your total creeping up, but whatever the reason, Mama spends less online.

6. You can save big buying pet supplies online – Even once you factor in the cost of shipping, shopping online can mean big savings – and not just on toys, treats or other supplies. Online pet pharmacies can often sell the same medications as your vet for a fraction of the price. You still need a prescription and you always want to make sure you’ve chosen a reputable pharmacy, but the price savings can make a huge difference.

5. You know what you’re buying – One of the best features of online shopping is those detailed descriptions! Every single item tells you exactly what you’re getting. This is great for comparison shopping items and especially helpful when purchasing pet medication online. I learned more about Caninsulin from an online listing than my friend learned from her vet.

4. The Mama has a memory like a leaky bucket – Seriously? What am I going to do with her? Her whole life is managed by her Apple piePhone and an intricate web of Post It Notes. Lots of online stores have automatic re-order or reminder options for things like food or medications, so you don’t need to remember when it’s time to reorder. They’ll just ship it on a schedule. Online pet pharmacies will often keep your prescription on file for you, so when you lose that little white piece of paper (I’m looking at you, Mama), it’s no big deal.

3. No schlepping kibble bags home – Let’s face it! Those bags are heavy as woof and if you’re human is miniature (like the Mama is), then you’re probably very worried a kibble bag will crush them. Ordering pet food online means your dinner is delivered right to your door.

2. Speaking of delivery, can you say “training opportunity”? Pretty much every dog on our block reacts to a ringing doorbell. Frequent deliveries from your favourite online pet store will give you ample opportunity to teach your dog what an appropriate greeting looks like. (the Mama has a bag of treats hidden on the porch, so delivery guys can offer us a snack. It works like nodoggy’s business.)

1. No need for Mama to put on her face – or pants, for that matter. I don’t pretend to be an expert on the human body, but apparently my Mama has some sort of removable face. She takes it off before she heads to bed each night and then before she can leave the house the next day, she goes into the bathroom for a woofing ridiculous amount of time to put it back on. Plus, pants must be the most uncomfortable thing ever because she whines like I do when I want a cookie anytime she has to put them on. Pants must be the human equivalent of mouse ears or stupid hats. She just doesn’t want to wear them.

What about your humans? Do they shop online? What are their reasons?

Kol’s Note: This post was brought to you by VioVet, the UK’s number one online retailer of pet foods and medication. They have paid for inclusion in this post. (Not in the UK? They even offer International Shipping.) We’ve never personally tried their service, but they have fabulous reviews on TrustPilot and we LOVE their story. Anyone who can turn their love of animals into a successful business, all before they graduate high school, is aces in our book.


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